We have a ton of things to tell, so we'll get to the point with jet speed: Montenegro is the most beautiful place in Europe where you can go without a visa in our opinion, and Montenegro is the Bay of Kotor. Established in one of the most beautiful bays in the Adriatic Sea, the settlement makes people fall in love with its Venetian style architecture, Italian cuisine, and magnificent view. In the Bay of Kotor, there are several beautiful and small settlements, especially Perast, Dobrota and Kotor. We highly recommend planning your Kotor trip to include them all. In this article, what to see in the Bay of Kotor, how much to spare, what to do, in summary; You will find our suggestions on how to plan a trip. There is the huge indented bay in the blue square above, the whole of it is called Boka Bay. – As you can see, there are other gulfs within the Boka Bay. These gulfs also have their own name. The name of the inner bay marked in red on the map is Kotor. So Kotor is one of the bays